Breakthrough in Changing to a Day Schedule

I have had the most major breakthrough on a 2-year struggle to get up early and change my body clock's circadian rhythm from 26 years on a night schedule to a normal day schedule now, with using Sunlight Therapy! If you ever had trouble sleeping, the following is one chapter of many secrets revealed in a book I've been writing on insomnia relief. The book will also have content geared towards creative minds.

The final thing that worked to switch my schedule around to day now, was finding myself up working still at 7 am, when I wanted to get UP for the day at that time, and was so fed up with it not working to get up earlier, I just STAYED UP with no sleep at all and painfully started my first exciting day of being alive with the rest of the world!


Sunshine Therapy Benefits:

  • Set body clock to wake up earlier & consistently
  • Stop waking in middle of the night
  • Stop groggy low-energy feeling
  • Be tired at night when you should instead of awake
  • Get your Vitamin D for the day
  • Stop insomnia
  • Get off sleeping pills


Sunlight Therapy Formula: (There is a science behind each step to get it to work, but will just tell the basics here)

  1. Set alarm an hour earlier each day until wake-up time is reached.
  2. Be in the sun for 1 hour as close to wake-up time as possible
  3. Vigorous exercise/caffeine/Vitamin B6/Vitamin B12
  4. Avoid sedentary lifestyle
  5. No napping. This forces your body when to sleep all night
  6. Go to bed at the same time every night
  7. Apply cooling/calming environments
  8. Train your body to stay in bed and sleep during entire sleep time. Don't get up like everyone says, for this body clock training.
  9. Repeat each day for 2 weeks or longer for stronger effects


How to Stop Waking Before your Wake-up Time, Without an Alarm & Down to the Second:

  • Use an alarm to wake you at wake-up time for the first several days of sunlight therapy
  • IMMEDIATELY, go out in bright sunlight for 1 hour for 2 weeks to set your body clock. You will not need an alarm after several days.
  • Make sure to block any sun from coming in your room until your wake-up time. Then the faster you can get into bright sun, the better. It will work to wake you down to the exact minute of your wake-up time. This means immediate sun without stopping to brush teeth, put in contact lenses, fix hair, or even go to the bathroom. Don't drink water a few hours before bed to help with this. It really is not that critical you skip peeing, not that healthy. It's just a point you can control and train your body on a literal exact time of waking and get consistent results. This will stop you from waking before your desired wake-up time. Your body will soon wake on it's own at this exact time after 3-5 days. Make the effect stronger and relieve grogginess by continuing the treatment for 2 weeks or longer.
  • If you don't have actual sun, you can try the next best thing with a Happy Lamp and NOT a gradual wake-up lamp where the increments of light get stronger. This tends to work against you as you end up being trained to wake up before your wake-up time, than exactly at it. Getting full sun or full 10,000 Lux from a happy Lamp with eyes open, will help train your body to wake at a certain time and eliminate a lot of sleep issues.


How to Get Sunlight Therapy when you have to be at Work:

This is the most difficult part about your health... making it happen with daily challenges. You have to find a way to make it work or you will be stuck with your sleeping/waking problem. I don't make the rules. I just discover what works and share. Your desire to make the cure work is up to how willing you are to change your life circumstances. You could take 2 weeks vacation time off and be prepared to do what it takes to be in sun upon waking at your desired hour. You could try to eventually get another job that supports the lifestyle you want. In the mean time, a Happy Lamp might work.

I had to turn MY schedule around to be up nights to get work done when the rest of the house would not be quiet. Major inconvenience to me to sleep days.

I then had to work out finances to MOVE my entire life and my man to a quieter environment.

Eventually, retiring gave me more convenient options to finally live life on my terms that fit with the rest of the world. It took years to be able to do this and I re-arranged my entire life to get the sunlight success I needed. But there are some actionable smaller steps to take when not all this is in place.


How to know when to Stop the Sunlight Therapy after 2 weeks if you don't have time to Continue but Should?

  • When you are waking every day at the same time consistently
  • When you are sleeping all the way through the night consistently and not waking up and staying awake
  • When your body is tired and wanting to go to bed at the consistent hour desired
  • When your grogginess/zombiness has gone


Why I Wanted a Day Schedule:

  • Be available for own business customers
  • Connect with others at the same time
  • Not have stores close on me
  • Not fight business call hours back East
  • Get website help during their day hours
  • Be able to go on early morning hikes


What it Took to Get a Day Schedule:

  • Learn the focus and attraction techniques
  • Move into a quieter environment
  • Becoming debt-free in order to move
  • Being close to retirement to be able to afford a better area
  • Get my love to move with me and get him a job
  • Staying up one entire night of no sleep at all to reverse the body's clock to day
  • Major sunlight therapy