Discover Odd Way of Painting with Kitchen Tools

A paintskin is layers of acrylic paint built up that form a sheet or a thick leathery feeling skin that can be peeled off a non-stick surface. This helps with positioning easily on to the canvas. A paintskin also enables lifting of the paint off the surface to form curls and bends, or more sculpted elements that when put in a painting, creates a very dimensional type of work.

Tropical Leaf Benefits:

  • Feel like being in the tropics
  • Add nature to the room that brings life
  • Bring zen and calm to your space
  • Feel 3-dimension of original or gives 3D appearance to a print
  • Enjoy the leaf paintings without the plant care
  • Decorate for your Luau party

In a tropical mood, or want to get away and escape to an island paradise? These tropical leaves can be just the thing to set the scene, or resemble the lifestyle you love.

These impasto paintings can be arranged in sets according to your liking. Some of the leaves are made from squeezing thick paint through cake decorating tips to give their stylish appearance, while also turning it to a permanent art form now to enjoy.

Pick 1 individually, or in sets of 3 or 6 for more savings. Each original is made different. Made to order. Takes about 4 days to make and speed-dry.

$150 Entry Special on to the market.

Save more when buying in sets